Our China & Hong Kong Flatrate

One flatrate to all of China and Hong Kong, including fixed and mobile networks

Our China Flatrate offers you unlimited calling to China and Hong Kong, all for only 14,95* Euro per month! Calls to both fixed and mobile networks are included.

Our Flatrate can be ordered and used anywhere in the world (you just need a broadband connection and a free port on your router for our Linksys Voice over IP adapter). You can also use Vortel with your own VoIP hardware if you want. More info here.
And if you’re calling another Vortel customer, the call is completely free, regardless of where the person you are calling is located.

Detailed information on acceptable terms of use of our flatrate products are contained in our terms and conditions.

You can sign up for the China Flatrate here.


(*) All prices incl. 19% german tax. no delivery costs, no shipping costs, no setup fee