Additional Flatrates

Vortel has expanded its range of flatrates and now offers flatrates to different countries in Europe and Asia:


* Cyprus Flatrate (southern part) – only 19,95* Euro/month
* Denmark Flatrate – only 19,95* Euro/month
* Greece Flatrate – only 16,95* Euro/month
* Poland Flatrate – only 19,95* Euro/month
* Portugal Flatrate – only 19,95* Euro/month

These flatrates cover the fixed networks of the particular country. Unfortunately, mobile operators still charge a lot to use their networks, so for now we are excluding mobile networks from these flatrates.


* Singapore Flatrate – only 14,95* Euro/month

In these two cases both fixed and mobile networks are included. Vortel customers can now enjoy unlimited calling to mobile and fixed numbers in Singapore for only €14,95* per month.

Vortel Flatrates are true flatrates and do not tie you down to a long term contract. You can use our rates anywhere in the world, and the only requirement is a broadband connection and a VoIP-/SIP-capable end-user device like a VoIP adapter from Linksys. Vortel makes Voice-over-IP easy, and you do not need a PC to use our service.

To register for one of our flatrates (or our regular prepaid minutes plan) please click here.


(*) All prices incl. 19% german tax. no delivery costs, no shipping costs, no setup fee